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What is a short sales

With Inland Empires real estate market doing great, most home owners at this time can avoid doing a short sale on their home.

We can probably sell your home without having to do a short sale at this time. The best way to figure this is out is to do the following

1. Call your mortgage company or go online and find out what your loan pay off is

2. Get a home valuation, which I can provide you for free

3. Get a Net sheet to find out a close estimate of what your going to walk away with the day your home closes escrow. Also offered from me as a free service, plus with my 4% low full listing commission rate, you will make thousands more at closing using my services over other agents charge much more.

4. Sit down to full consultation to devise the best plan of action to list the house, and get you where you need to go next

If it is determined that you need to still short sales your home, than I will put your with our short sale specialists team that has years of experience and knowledge to negotiate on your behalf with your bank to arrange a Short Sale.

But, timing is critical. Don't wait until the last minute to contact us. If you know that you're going to have to move soon, or know that you're going be falling behind in mortgage payments, contact us now.

Our experience, negotiating skills, and determination will help you get out of your mortgage debt problems and move on with your life in a stress free and efficient way. Let our vast expertise work to your advantage... and it's FREE to you. A quick call and a few questions can help us determine which is the best solution to fit your current situation. After we collect some basic information we can make an appointment for a Free in-home consultation to go over an effective plan of saving your home and/or avoiding foreclosure.



What is the short sale process


The Short Sale process may vary, but there are a few very specific events that happen to make a successful Short Sale transaction close. These very crucial steps are as follows:


1) We need to get a "Release of Authorization" form signed by you. This form allows us to call your bank on your behalf to begin the Short Sale process.


2) The bank is then contacted to discuss the option and possibility of a Short Sale and determine what they require for a short sale package.


3) You will need to write a hardship letter explaining the financial duress you are experiencing. The lender may want to see financial documents such as, paystubs, bank statements, and any other financial records you have for review.


4) Submit the complete Short Sale package with a qualified offer and include the buyer's financial information (ie., type of loan they have to purchase the home, they're lender contact info, etc.).


5) Include an estimated settlement statement based on the offer received so the lender can calculate final costs, including commissions, amount of loan reduced, itemized fees and expenses associated with the sale of the house.


6) The lender will then request a BPO (Broker's Price Opinion) to determine the market value of the home and consider it into their final review before approving the Short Sale.


7) At this point, it could very well have already taken 4-6 weeks and the lender still may not have their final answer if they'll approve the Short Sale.


This is just to give you a basic idea of the Short Sale process. Of course, there are many other details, information, and skills that go into negotiated a Short Sale, which we don't have written here. This website is to provide some general knowledge to better understand the Short Sale process, and not meant to be a step-by-step guide. Please understand, we have to do this to protect our intellectual property and skill on successfully closing Short Sales.


The good news is, having us represent you in a Short Sale, is absolutely FREE to you. Because the bank covers the commissions paid to all parties as part of the closing costs. As a matter of fact, not only are the commissions covered, but most every fee involved in the sale of the home should be covered in the sale.


If you are falling behind in mortgage payments, however, do not wait too long to contact us. Timing is everything when considering a Short Sale and we need every minute we can to make sure your lender approves the Short Sale.



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This site is dedicated to giving local home buyers and sellers information on how short sales work, and what short sales are available in the community.


If you been thinking you need to short sale your home, before you make that call to your lender to start the proceedings give us a call. In the current market condition you maybe able to sell your home without damaging your credit and having to short sale. We maybe be able to still sell your home for a profit to get you out of trouble, It worth a quick call to learn more. Call 909-493-5478.


The markets are ever changing, and at this time short sales should not be a popular options unless you really are far underwater on what you owe.

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so we can set an appointment to find out how much money you can save.


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